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We hold the Certification in Long-Term Care (CLTC) designation and focus exclusively on long-term care expense planning. We meet with clients privately either face-to-face or via webinar and teleconference. Today’s technology enables us to securely and efficiently exchange information, streamlining the planning process for clients.

Gurley LTCI serves clients throughout the United States. We represent only top-rated insurance carriers and assist clients with the full spectrum of long-term care insurance solutions in the market today. These include standalone pool-of-funds products and hybrids which are life insurance and annuity based products.

Our three-step process simplifies planning for long-term care expenses for our clients. The first step is a detailed health history which will determine insurability, if discounts may apply and point to carrier and product. The second step is an educational meeting covering the issues that clients need to understand to make prudent decisions about insurance as a funding option. The third step is completing the application if clients elect to apply for coverage. We leave nothing to chance and manage the entire underwriting process for clients.

Not everyone who wants long-term care insurance can qualify for it. We can help with alternate funding strategies such as home care membership services, an FDIC-insured Long-Term Care Benefit Plan and more.

Gurley LTCI clients enjoy service for life. If we’ve sold a policy, we believe we have an obligation to be the first resource for long-term care including help with questions, rate changes, eligibility requirements, claims processing and more.

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