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Financial Advisors

Americans are living longer. Longevity imposes new requirements like planning for long-term care expenses as a necessary and critical component of comprehensive financial planning.

Gurley LTCI works with financial advisers across the United States. The financial advisors we support work hard to achieve their clients’ financial and estate planning goals. They realize that having a plan for long-term care is important and can safeguard income and assets planned for retirement.

Whether fee-based or fee only, comprehensive planner or portfolio manager, mortgage or insurance broker, attorney or CPA, our model is flexible and can support your business needs.

We’ll consult with you if you want to become an expert in this area or we’ll manage the entire process for you as a trusted partner so that you don’t have to become an expert.

We look at four factors to recommend prudent long-term care funding solutions.

Gurley LTCI represents top-rated insurance carriers and assists clients with the full spectrum of long-term care insurance solutions in the market today. These include standalone pool-of-funds products and hybrids which are life insurance and annuity based products.

We also represent companies offering funding solutions for clients who are no longer insurable due to age or health history. These strategies include a long-term care benefit plan, home care membership service and medically underwritten annuities.

We suggest that advisors and their clients consider two things as they explore insurance as a funding option for long-term care. One is how much risk (expense) do they really need to offset with insurance. The other is affordability. What will be a comfortably affordable premium today and into the future. We then work to align these factors.

We also recommend a five-step expense planning process to efficiently work through long-term care expense planning.

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